Festival Review: Inferno Norway 2018 Day 2

One of my favourite things about Inferno Festival is the associated conference which sees movie screenings, guitar/drum clinics and various discussions on different aspects of the music industry. On day two I was off to the hotel cinema, beer in hand to watch RocKabul. RocKabul is a documentary about Afghanistan's first metal band, District Unknown, … Continue reading Festival Review: Inferno Norway 2018 Day 2

Review: Auđn – Auđn

When thinking of black metal, Scandinavian countries such as Norway are guaranteed to be mentioned. However one country that is usually overlooked is Iceland. Iceland is a country filled with black metal bands and metal bands in general such as (for example) Curse, Aten and of course Auđn. Auđn are an atmospheric black metal band … Continue reading Review: Auđn – Auđn