Album News: Armonite, Tarja, Lux, Disowning

A quick roundup of a handful of the many, many new releases coming your way! Armonite Armonite, the instrumental rock collective led by composer Paolo Fosso and violinist Jacopo Bigi, signed with LA-based indie label Cleopatra Records for the release of their new album, And the Stars Above on May 25th (today!). Armonite's instrumental music is perfectly … Continue reading Album News: Armonite, Tarja, Lux, Disowning

Interview: Armonite

[avatar user="Progger" size="50" align="left" /]Italian duo, Jacopo Bigi (electric violin) and Paolo Fosso (keyboards), accompanied by legendary Porcupine Tree bassist Colin Edwin and drummer Jasper Berendregt is what makes the core of the multi-national project Armonite. They have recently released an album titled The Sun is New Each Day, and Jacopo and Paolo were kind … Continue reading Interview: Armonite