Album Review: Aldious – Evoke II 2010-2020

Peter interviewed Aldious recently, and now turns his attention to their upcoming release... Changing vocalists is always a risky move, and especially so in the traditional world of heavy metal. Iron Maiden did it twice with Bruce and Blaze, AC/DC achieved the impossible with Brian but Skid Row and Van Halen failed spectacularly (Gary Cherone). … Continue reading Album Review: Aldious – Evoke II 2010-2020

Interview: Aldious

It’s been a long road for Japan’s premier metal band Aldious but they continue their march towards global domination with their self-covers album Evoke II 2010- 2020. Line-up changes and COVID-19 have all conspired to scupper their progress but they’ve continued stoically. UK based label JPU Records will release a special overseas edition of Evoke II … Continue reading Interview: Aldious