2018 Crew Review: Ricky – Writer

After submitting my 150th¬†article for The Moshville Times, the time has come for the end of year list for 2018. As I cast my memory back to 2017, that was a breeze compared to this year with Evocation and The Shadow Archetype being my album of the year. What I did not expect was the … Continue reading 2018 Crew Review: Ricky – Writer

Interview: Kostas of Abyssus

Abyssus, with their incessant output of music since their inception in 2011, have put themselves on the map of the Greek if not the international scene with their high quality old school death metal worship. This is how it is meant to be played the old school way; no blast beats, no 100mph riffs and … Continue reading Interview: Kostas of Abyssus

EP Review: Abyssus – Unleash The Storm

Abyssus will always hold a place in my heart as they were the first band that I had ever reviewed music for with my first webzine that I was working for before Moshville Times. Abyssus had released a compilation album of all their earlier material called Once Entombed in February 2016, with their heavily Obituary … Continue reading EP Review: Abyssus – Unleash The Storm