Single Review: Hellfekted – Death of Iron

After discovering Hellfekted earlier this year, they’ve fast become one of my favourite up-and-coming bands. Their frenzied performances and killer sound – a blend of metal extremities rooted in thrash – instantly caught my attention and I’ve been hungry for more. Well the wait hasn’t been long with new single “Death of Iron” coming this Friday (November 4th)! You better get ready to change those work alarms on your phone because there’s a new soundtrack to your morning mosh.

The song opens with a catchy harmonised melody before crashing into the stomping main riff. Moments of the song are backed by a clash of metal on the snare hits to excellent effect. Sometimes in songs it can feel tiresome hearing the sample for a prolonged period but it works well for “Death of Iron”. The use of more frequent samples in “Death of Iron” makes for a more expansive sound behind the straightforward riffing and is a welcome addition to their evolving sound. The trend continues in frontman Liam Stubbs’ vocal style, opting for a more throaty death metal-style approach with more sparse use of his blackened barks from songs past. The band are also much tighter on this recording, undoubtedly due to a few years of experience (the band formed and released debut single “Fire at Will” in 2019) and the addition of guitarist Rebecca Webster and drummer Matt Faulks alongside Stubbs and bassist Chris Brownrigg in 2021.

The production on “Death of Iron” is the most professional sounding Hellfekted have had to date. There’s a roughness to its predecessors that’s heavy on the distortion with biting guitars, rumbling bass and distorted vocals high in the mix. The new single has more balance and clarity, the guitars keeping their bite but adding a little crunch. The bass is sitting nicely with the guitars, with Brownrigg’s licks continuing to be a signature Hellfekted highlight. The only critique of the production is that the guitar solo is a little buried in the mix and would benefit from a notch up on the fader.

“Death of Iron” is a stomping step forward for Hellfekted and a refinement of their sound so far. A hooky headbanger that breeds excitement for what’s to come from the band. Here’s hoping an album or EP is on it’s way soon!

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