Single Review (and new video): WREX – “Sleepless”

Brighton two-piece WREX return with a new song and video, “Sleepless”. Definitely flexing their rock muscles in this one, the pop-rock duo thump out a catchy number. It’s got a trippy feel to it, which goes with the vaguely disturbing video. Both members take a shot with the vocals, too, definitely an equally balanced double-act!

The song is about the feeling of being overwhelmed by society’s paradigms and recognising that these pressures can often be tricks of the mind – “the poison piece of my mind”. The band also tell us a bit about the video…

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Sleepless’ lyrics convey toxic relationships and manipulation. In the video we wanted to tell this story whilst keeping a “light-hearted’ comedy aspect to it; bringing us to the operation in the video. This shows transition between a “normal” WREX, and a “monster” version. The transformation between the 2 versions of ourselves is an exaggeration of the transformation we go through after/when experiencing trauma. The toys being removed represent childhood/core memories being removed as we transition into monster WREX.

As with all WREX videos to date, Sleepless was filmed in our lounge with a close knit team. The set design for this particular shoot involved sticking 40 big bags around the lounge walls, ceiling and floor, then mixing our own UV pigmented paint in order to paint several dust sheets with the graffiti that you see in the performance scenes in the video. The preparation for this video also involved making 2 litres of edible fake blood, fake intestines, and a full face cast so that the “monster” make-up on Mae was perfectly fitted and would not come loose during the shoot.

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