Single Review: Ghost – Hunter’s Moon

Sweden’s Ghost release an early spooky gift, their first new song in two years “Hunter’s Moon”, taken from the upcoming soundtrack of the latest Michael Myers slash-fest Halloween Kills. If that wasn’t enough, it’s the first recording of Papa Emeritus IV, after Cardinal Copia ascended to the Papacy following Papa Nihil’s sudden death on-stage in Mexico in 2020.

There is an eerie feel running throughout which ties in wonderfully with the soundtrack and accompanying video, but there is no denying that it’s still quintessential Ghost through & through. A lot of the band’s critics simply write them off as a gimmick or a heavy metal Abba but it’s part of their charm. I was drawn in immediately from the moment I first saw them live nearly a decade ago and even now I get the feeling when I hear their music.

Now whilst there are similarities overall to previous eras of the band, there are some noticeable differences in some of the guitar sounds and soundscapes. This may be to tie in with the nature of the movie and this being a standalone track, but the band have just announced a tour with both Volbeat and Twin Temple so there may be some more new music in the immediate future. It will be interesting to see which direction Ghost float in next.

A perfect debut hymn from the new Papa.

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Header image by Mikael-Eriksson

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