Single Review: Catacomb – Hallucinated Mountains

Following the release of the comeback EP Back to Unknown Kadath Catacomb re-record Hallucinated Mountains for the track’s 30th anniversary.

I must admit when I first heard about this I immediately went back and listened to the original 1993 version to familiarise myself with it again as it’s been a while. After doing so it was straight into the re-recorded version.

The first thing that hits you from the outset is the atmosphere, it’s just so prominent. The intro does sound like it’s now more suited to a Resident Evil game but the heaviness and foreboding presence laden with swirling riffs engulfs the listener into the death metal trap which has been perfectly set by the band.

The solos and structure are just so much sharper and I have to admit that not only does it make me want to check out the rest of the comeback EP but go back and revisit the entire discography.

Still as haunting now as it was in 1993.

Hallucinated Mountains is out now

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