Single Review: Shotgun Mistress – “Bleed Me Out”

It’s been said many times before on here (mainly, if not exclusively, by me) that Melbourne rock bands just hit differently. Shotgun Mistress’ latest single “Bleed Me Out” continues to reaffirm that fact. Whilst the band may be the brainchild of Matt Wilcock, a guitarist better known for his death metal feats, this latest single shows he’s not willing to be boxed into one genre – and for good reason.

Following its razor sharp intro which shows how metal can bleed (no pun intended) its way into rock, it settles quickly into more familiar territory of muscular hard rock with one foot in the mid-80s and one in the present. Fuelled by a thick, chugging riff that you’d expect on a track like this, it’s not an original approach by any stretch but it’s compensated by the skill on display. Where “Bleed Me Out” does pin its originality is in Wilcock’s blistering solo as he brings his metal credentials to the fore, tying back the intro whilst the solo itself never feels out of place.

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Vocalist Glenn Patrick punches his way through the track, adding a sense of bravado and swagger with his snarling baritone reminiscent of Scott Weiland to the point where you could envisage this on the first Velvet Revolver album. David Lee’s drumming feels slightly subdued in the mix as the guitar dominates the track but he manages to make his mark with a simply yet effective groove akin to Steven Adler’s on Appetite for Destruction. Meanwhile, Ben Curnow’s subtle bass work falls in line with Lee’s drums, reliably pulsing throughout but again, could be a touch higher in the mix.

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“Bleed Me Out” is a great reminder of that old cliche when it comes to no-frills hard rock – easy to do but hard to master. Shotgun Mistress have pulled it off in spectacular fashion with enough reverence to those who came before but keep it interesting with their own style.

Header image by Oli Sansom

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“Bleed Me Out” is released 3rd May (purchase links here)

Shotgun Mistress: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | spotify | youtube

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