Single Review: Pulverazor – “Swamp Demon Stomp”

Sometimes you get something through and think “this can’t be serious”, but in a good way. Like when you’re watching Bad News or Mike Bassett, and you know it’s deliberately doing the whole tongue/cheek thing, but with a lot of talent behind it. This, folks, is “Swamp Demon Stomp”.

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It’s a delightfully silly single from a band with an equally over the top name – Pulverazor. They can play, they can sing (in a proto-Axl Rose fashion), and they’re obviously having fun doing it. They have mastered the heavy metal art of sending themselves up while not being crap and the single is well worth a listen. Merging so many tropes (feedback harmonising with vocal scream, mad widdly guitar solos, lyrics so suggestive they could have been written by a 14 year old) this could have been a mess, but it’s not. It’s just top notch heavy metal daftness.

B-side “Heavy Is The Hammer” isn’t bad either, being a bit more middle-of-the-road, but loses out with the production being a bit wooly. Still, for a debut single from a bunch of immature nutcases with loud instruments the whole package shows a lot of promise.

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You can listen below, and if you’re really impressed then they’re doing a vinyl release as well – though be prepared to face the Evil Postage Fees Of Doom as they’re shipping from the US.

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Pulverazor: instagram | bandcamp | spotify | youtube

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May 5, 2021 7:43 PM

Wow these guys fuckin rip! Man I cant wait for their full length to come out this year!

May 5, 2021 7:47 PM

These guys fuckin RIP! I am so pumped for their full length album to come out this year. Looking forward to hearing more.