Single Review: Wrath of Man – Drowned in Rot

Preston’s Wrath of Man follow up their 2019 demo with grotesque new single “Drowned in Rot”.

As I was casually enjoying a few beers at the weekend I was suddenly given a gift. A gift full of corpses and skulls in the form of “Drowned in Rot” from a band that play the kind of death metal that feels like your eyes are being detached from their retinas. Wrath of Man are back and are even more brutal than ever.

Musically this is a lot more refined but still maintains the raw, feral outpouring from earlier efforts. The vocals deep, the guitars slicing and the drumming matching the guttural urgency throughout.

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Then there’s the video (which facebook won’t let us embed so here’s the link)…

The black & white composition really encapsulates the mood and tone of the track perfectly, it blends elements of movies like Haxen with the impending feel of a zombie apocalypse. The stages of decomposition section of the video is a stroke of genius and is something that has to viewed a few times just to appreciated just how well put together it is.

This has been worth the wait and I know I’m not the only one hungry for more.

A fine slice of gory death metal.

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“Drowned in Rot” is out now

Wrath of Man: facebook | instagram | bandcamp | youtube

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