Single Review: Nomad Anthem – Wake up Call

Newcastle punk rockers (and former Band of the Day) Nomad Anthem are back releasing a new single “Wake up Anthem”. In the past year, the band has kept themselves busy by putting out a lot of new music most recently in support of their last EP Anywhere but Here.

Straight away “Wake Up Anthem” feels and sounds very tight and together. From the sound of it, they put a lot of time and energy into this which is further enforced in the lyrics which are about finding the positives in even the most challenging of weeks.

It has an upbeat happy tempo with a bounce in it reminded me a lot of Blink 182. The hooks they have written work well in the music and will have you biting in no time at all. This song has been thought out and constructed very well, it’s clear the band knows what they want the song to sound and feel like and they do that really well.

It’s clear that lockdown has helped Nomad Anthem’s creativity and this is an excellent outcome for both them and their loyal fans. I hope for even more impressive music from them in the future.

“Wake up Anthem” is out now on all good music platforms.

Header image by Lang Shot Photography

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