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Single Review: Death Party UK – “Death Party To The Rescue”

Not content with being a member of Chaos Bleak and also The Angelfire Project whilst heading The Nightbreed organisation (phew!) Trevor Bamford is also one half of Death Party UK alongside his partner-in-rhyme Scarlet Moonchild. Like a modern day Hansel and Gretel they’ve left a tempting trail of digital singles with which to entice the curious and their latest offering, “Death Party To The Rescue”, is just as tantalising.

The bands very name, along with Trevor’s other projects, might suggest a man living in perpetual darkness but “Death Party To The Rescue”, released on Guy Fawkes day, couldn’t be further away from that image and immediately explodes in a shower of sparkling effervescence. It’s a jaunty, lively number that, without fanfare, grabs the listener by the scruff of the neck and carries them forth for three frolicking fun filled minutes.

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“Death Party To The Rescue” is a homage to the old standard “Jim Dandy To The Rescue” (Black Oak Arkansas) but it’s done in Death Party’s inimitable style. Kind of like The Cramps jamming with The Ramones this track is an alternative Batman theme…if Batman and Robin were a middle aged goth couple residing in Nottingham I’m sure this song would play as they burst through the venue doors to perform their unique brand of goth n’ roll.

In keeping with much of the bands discography “Death Party To The Rescue” is an easily accessible earworm of the highest order that’ll start burying into your cranium on first listen. There’s a locomotive riff that chugs forward as Trevor’s gruff vocals act as a foil for Scarlet’s ethereal singing and if all that’s not enough the song is scrawled all over with angular and spiky guitar lines.

If you’re not yet acquainted with Death Party UK then here’s your invite.

“Death Party To The Rescue” is released for download on 5th November 2020

Death Party UK: official | facebook | youtube

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Trevor Bamfird
Trevor Bamfird
November 4, 2020 8:48 PM

Thanks for the great review. We totally appreciate it.

Reply to  Trevor Bamfird
November 5, 2020 6:28 PM

You’re welcome!

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