Single Review: Everture – In Between

Finnish modern melodic metal band Everture are about to release their debut album Emerge next year. This comes on the back of a strong following online with their previous singles. However, before the album drops the band has released the first single and opening track In between.  Opening up with a heavy sounding riff before vocalist Jere Koukkanen gives us a very nice sound and catchy vocals combining both a deep growl as well as clean singing.

This definitely is a song you will want to hear a few times over that’s for sure. The core sound comes from the twin guitar work of Matti Hautakangus and Oskari Niskala, where they have a lot of impact with the tone and pacing that helps drive the song along. In terms of the song’s meaning, it feels like the start of an epic journey that the band are about to take us on. Perhaps the journey is in fact the album, if this is the case then I’m wondering what we will discover at the end of the journey.

If this is any indication of what the rest of the album will be like, I’m very interested to hear the rest of it! This song shows a lot of talent and top quality musicianship.

Emerge is out on February 26th 2021 via Inverse Records

Everture: facebook | bandcamp

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