Single Review: Chaos Bleak – Grey Lady Walks

The ever reliable Chaos Bleak return with the latest in a long line of digital singles “Grey Lady Walks”. More treat that trick ‘Grey Lady Walks’ is due to appear on All Hallows’ Eve.

Formed by three friends drawn together by a love of Killing Joke and Play Dead this Nottinghamshire trio called Chaos Bleak have a unique chemistry. Like black alchemists they’ve conjured an all encompassing sound that draws upon everything from goth to industrial which visits everything cool between.

While previous singles have explored retro sci-fi and the horrors of war “Grey Lady Walks” finds Chaos Bleak returning to their goth roots for a truly terrifying tale. This digital single reads like the plot from Rebecca or The Woman In White and it contains a similar twist in the tail. Finding their lyricist at his most expressive “Grey Lady Walks” suggests images of decaying mansions shrouded in mist through which a ghostly figure floats and makes “Grey Lady Walks” perfect Halloween listening.

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While Chaos Bleak certainly aren’t treading water long term listeners won’t be disappointed with “Grey Lady Walks”. It contains all the bands essential ingredients from the beat that nails you to the floor to the punchy, chugging guitar. This is the type of song that’ll benefit repeat listening as subtle nuances buried deep in the mix gradually reveal themselves along with the banshee wail that appears periodically and seems to emanate from some desolate moor.

This single makes a fine precursor to a debut album tentatively promised for the end of the year. Just one piece of advice when listening to “Grey Lady Walks” late at night…make sure you keep the lights on!

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Trevor Bamfird
Trevor Bamfird
October 18, 2020 7:19 AM

Thanks for the review. We love it!

Reply to  Trevor Bamfird
October 19, 2020 9:23 PM

You’re welcome!