Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Single Review: The Wake – Hammer Hall

It’s safe to say that 2020 isn’t the year that anyone expected, even more so seeing the rebirth of one of my favorite gothic rock bands The Wake – who not only return, but return with a new single after 25 years(!) in the form of “Hammer Hall”. And not only that, but an entirely new album just in time for Halloween.

Many full moons ago I used to DJ at goth festivals and The Wake were one band I could always rely on. They would tend to feature in my sets as I felt the Ohio based group were highly underrated and underplayed.

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“Hammer Hall” instantly brings back memories of the DJ booth and smoke machines the moment the track starts. Even after 25 years it managed to give me goosebumps and everything that made me adore this band in the mid ’90s is still there. There seems to be a maturity in the overall sound and I can’t even begin to articulate just how pleased I was that  Troy Payne’s vocals haven’t aged a day.

It’s one of those of tracks that makes me want to come out of semi-retirement because it’s swirling, atmospheric, dark, moody and catchy as hell and has me revisiting their entire discography once again.

The gothic rock alumni have re-cemented their place in history.

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“Hammer Hall” is out now with album Perfumes and Fripperies out September 30th via Blaylox Records

The Wake: facebook | twitter | instagram

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