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Single Review: Chaos Bleak – Regrets Are For Yesterday

Chaos Bleak began life as a question: What would Play Dead have sounded like if they formed in 2019? It’s a tantalising quandary that’s been answered perfectly by this Nottinghamshire trio. Like master alchemists they’ve taken the aesthetic of Play Dead, added the punch of Killing Joke, along with a touch of Germanic cool, some sublime 90’s goth and a splash of understated English humour and the result is their latest digital single “Regrets Are For Yesterday”.

Chaos Bleak feature members of 13 Candles, Arcane Winter, The Crimson Brigade, Death Party UK and Midnight Configuration (amongst others) so the resulting sound was never going to be less than stellar. They’ve found their own unique groove and, quite wisely, have picked up the ball and ran with it. In just over a year they’ve released two EP’s and a string of downloadable singles the latest of which, “Regrets Are For Yesterday”, is another jewel in their crown.

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The thing I like most about Chaos Bleak is their forward vision. While many of their peers hark back to a ‘golden age of goth’ Chaos Bleak have their sights set firmly on the future. Avoiding the stereotypical lyrical fare of catacombs and vampires Chaos Bleak sing about the horrors of war and retro sci-fi, while their latest effort concerns finding strength in adversity. It’s this realism that gives the band an original edge and it’s a lyricism that marries well with their hard edged sound and the two combine to create a monolithic beast.

Musically ‘Regrets Are For Yesterday’ is a white hot furnace blast that leaves the listener scorched in its wake. Like Killing Joke jamming with New Order “Regrets Are For Yesterday” encases a strong groove within walls of soaring synths yet, despite being a weighty affair, it remains strangely danceable and should have all but the infirm and comatose raising a fist and performing a war dance.

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It’s a regular treat when Chaos Bleak drop a new single but I hope they don’t burn themselves out on their own frenetic energy. However, with a Halloween single planned and a full length album scheduled for December it seems Chaos Bleak have got plenty in the tank. Enjoy.

“Regrets Are For Yesterday” was released digitally via the Nightbreed Organisation on 5th September 2020.

Chaos Bleak: facebook | twitterspotify | bandcamp | youtube

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