Ryan Hamilton & The Harlequin Ghosts celebrate “Newcastle Charm”

Many of you may already know I’m from Tyneside (born on the south of the River, went to school and Church on the north… and by church I mean St James’ Park!), so I have a soft spot for everything celebrating the Geordie side of my upbringing. Step in Ryan Hamilton, who’s got a new album due out soon (Nowhere To Go But Anywhere, September 18th).

Despite being a Texas lad, Ryan was married to a Geordie lass and has harked back to this with this latest single. He obviously has ties to the city and his love of the place really shows through in “Newcastle Charm”. It’s nicely tongue-in-cheek, fitting the self-deprecating sense of humour that us Geordies are famed for. It’s a simple, catchy light rock number of the type Ryan’s been producing for years and, personally, I love it.

Can’t wait for the album!

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