Single Review: Nekrokraft – Witches Funeral / Return of the Kvlt

Swedish black metallers Nekrokraft have re-recorded two tracks from their 2018 compilation Witches Funeral and plan to release them via The Sign Records as two separate digital singles.

First up is the title track “Witches Funeral” which is symphonic black metal at its finest – out of all the tracks to re-record from the original I’m not only glad this was chosen but is the lead single. The opening organ parts sweep into a torrent of tremolos and thundering drums with what reminds me of a druid-led sermon midpoint, finishing off with unrelenting hellish screams.

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The second offering “Return of the Kvlt” has a raw, bleak current running through it with some really good blackened melodies, which should come as no surprise when you learn that vocalist Angst Norder is also a member Swedish blackened thrash metal legends Witchery.

The revamped lineup are also working on an as-yet-untitled second album.

Witches Funeralhas already been unearthed having been released back in June but “Return of the Kvlt is still to follow on August 21st.

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