Single Review: Killerkorp – The End

Killerkorp is a five-piece metal band formed in Ipswich, UK in 2017 and featured as our Band of the Day back in March last year. With influences ranging from Slipknot to Slayer and with acts like Behemoth and Bloodbath in the mix too, the band pride themselves on their own cross of death and black metal with a touch of hardcore and thrash thrown in for good measure. In April 2019 they unleashed their debut six-track EP/demo entitled Pain which included stand out track “Survival of the Fittest”.

They are now on the verge of releasing their latest single “The End” which is dedicated to the memory of Richie Day, the brother of Killerkorp lead guitarist Jakey Day. The line-up is rounded out by vocalist Benjamin Lyddiatt, Jon-Luke Bloomfield on rhythm guitar, Daniel Lyddiatt on bass, and drummer Sonny Wright.

“The End” kicks off with a lead riff that screams of old-school black metal before punching you in the gut with Sonny’s blast beats that are performed with almost military precision. No time is wasted in bringing the heavy with Benjamin’s guttural vocals virtually signalling the apocalypse and his brother Daniel’s gnarly bass line only adding to the frenzy. There is a distinct shift in pace around a minute in which is gives Jon-Luke time to lay on thick a decisive palm-muted chug marathon that is simultaneously headbang-inducing and worthy of slow pitting to.

My particular highlight of the song has to be Jakey Day’s extended guitar solo that dominates the middle portion of the track. The stark contrast between the bluesy guitar licks and Benjamin’s brutal wailing works spectacularly and when the solo shifts back into the realms of black metal territory towards the end I was absolutely in awe.

“The End” is a testament to how much Killerkorp have progressed as a band since their first EP last year. Pain was solid debut that showed they had potential to be a metal band to be reckoned with and that they were certainly one to watch, “The End” well and truly proves it. This one is for fans of black, death and thrash metal looking for something new to sink their teeth into.

The End will be released on the 29th May – pre-order via bandcamp

Killerkorp: facebook | twitter | instagram | bandcamp | youtube

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