Single review: From Tyranny – Scorned

Glasgow’s own five-piece band From Tyranny have been active for over two years now and have released their new single “Scorned” and the first thing you notice is how heavy the fricken thing is. These boys are fairly active on the live front and have been attained positive feedback wherever they go, so I was looking forward to picking up this new material.

From Tyranny have their influences from Gojira, Slipknot and Revocation and after listening to this single on numerous occasions now, I cannot argue with that fact. The guitar sound is huge and in your face and wouldn’t be too far away from some death metal albums which you all know is my forte. Another plus point for me is the double bass from drummer James who is relentless in his control and speed and keeps things flowing nicely. Vocals are of the harsh variety from Stuart and while not death growling, they’re more shouting, which I must admit have put me off this form of music before, I was most impressed with his vocal range throughout the track.

Starting off the song with a melodic interlude that is soon dispensed with, the scream from Stuart, frenetic riffs from Andrew and Daniel, and intense double bass from James, all start off the song brilliantly. Drums are slow to mid-pace but don’t let that detract from how heavy this is, and with bassist Aidan forming a most powerful partnership with James, the other guys in the band can relax knowing that they have a steady ship behind them.

I must admit, this had me moshing my ass off especially when the guitar solos came in with the associated riff and double bass once again. Interspersed with all the heaviness are melodic sections that are reminiscent of Slipknot in places, especially in vocal style but the majority of the song is as aggressive in your face and most of all a pleasurable listen.

From Tyranny are one of those bands that when seeing them live you may not have heard of them but at the end of their set, you will be all battered and bruised. A band I will certainly be keeping an eye on.

Album photo courtesy of Jack Geddes

Scorned is out now

From Tyranny: facebook | bigcartel

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June 4, 2020 7:53 PM

[…] metallers and five-piece band From Tyranny released their brand new single “Scorned” recently to great acclaim. I found the tune to be incredibly heavy and in the vein of […]