Single Review and Video: Palaye Royale – “Little Bastards”

Art-rock trio of brothers, Palaye Royale, have blown fans away once again with their newest release. The song, “Little Bastards”, is their most recently showcased single from their upcoming album, The Bastards. They have said that they have been working on the concept for this album for years, and next month they finally get to show the entire album to the world. After being told by multiple record labels that no one will understand the concept of the album, Sumerian Records gave them a shot, and backed them.

The premier of the song follows their previous release of “Lonely”, which was their most heartfelt and emotional song to date. Frontman Remington Leith described it as his unwritten suicide note.

“Little Bastards” officially premiered on the 9th of April at 9PM PST (which, unfortunately for me, worked out to be 5AM GMT). With a live watching party on YouTube, the song dropped alongside an animation. The animated music video showed the band inside a gothic house. About a minute into it, they notice a small threat in the household – one that seems to grow in number and size as the video goes on. The imagery and artistic nature of the video reflects who Palaye Royale are as a band, and the concept of the album they’re releasing in May. At the end of the video, the signature symbolism of the gas masks is shown to the fans, echoing the promotional photo we saw earlier this year.

The song itself is incredibly powerful. It opens with a short guitar riff alongside a single note being played on a bass guitar. Low vocals follow this through, the harmonising that is then seen frequently throughout the song itself. As per usual, Leith’s voice is powerful and emotional as he belts the lyrics him and his brothers wrote. He starts off singing slowly, but his vocals only build in strength and power as the song goes on. The single ends with Remington shouting “run, run you little bastards” into the microphone. Where the last track, “Lonely”, had been sad, like looking into an open wound, “Little Bastards” is angrier and more intense.

Fans tuned in for the premier, posting comments on YouTube as thousands of people watched and listened to the song for the first time. One fan commented, “I think there is something more that we can’t see yet”, and I definitely think they’re right. With the three songs we have so far, it’s undoubtedly a fact that the album in its entirety will give us a story that will stun us. It’ll make us angry, happy, and sad all at once as we listen to their dream album unfold before our eyes. Each video and promotional image holds another piece to the puzzle – from the gas masks to their logo of the Soldiers of The Royal Council – and I can’t wait to see what the story is in its entirety. If it is as impressive as “Little Bastards”, then I can safely say this will be their best album yet.

The Bastards is out on May 29th. Pre-order on Amazon to help support this site!

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