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Single review: Break Fifty – The Pain

Surrey-based four-piece Break Fifty have been together for only a couple of years now and have already released a couple of singles and gigged wherever they possibly can. Being based in Surrey hasn’t stopped them from getting out there and with their new single “The Pain” now out and with their debut EP to follow this year, Break Fifty may have a bit more travelling to do.

Their music has been described as nu metal mixed with hardcore influences and to be honest, I totally agree with that. After listening to “The Pain”, the first bands that come to mind are early Korn meets Slipknot with a mixture of clean and harsh vocals from Hugo that would give Jonathan Davis a run for his money.

Korn style riffs from Ollie and bass from Matt setting the atmosphere nicely and bring back the days of when you heard “Shoots and Ladders” for the first time. Backed by drummer Dan who pounds the snare with force provides a solid backdrop for all the other members to lose it on stage. Break Fifty are no Korn clones though and know how to write a good song that will be sure to get your ass moving and head banging.

Have a look at the video below if you want to see what I mean. Artwork from local artist Sara Armstrong also fits the lyrics and feel of the song beautifully making this release and altogether very sound package indeed. This is the first time I have heard of the band and I look forward to hearing how good the EP will be later in the year.

The Pain is out now

Artwork by Sara Armstrong: facebook | instagram

Break Fifty: facebook | instagram | spotify

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