Single Review: Elliott Alderman-Broom – Digital Prime

Elliott Alderman-Broom is part of Enso Music Management, who are regularly featured on this site and have a plethora of bands on their roster ranging from prog to death metal. There are times though that with all the hustle and bustle of the music business, you have to take a step back and realise that we all need some “me” time as we are all human beings in the end. Fulfilling your dreams within the music business can be brought right back down to earth when you hear of personal tragedies that are too close for comfort. Elliott had this unfortunate experience when a family friend’s daughter has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma which is a form of cancer found in children.

Elliott is very active on the band front with Kinasis, Codex Alimentarius and at one time, Cambion. Elliott was devastated when he heard the news and took it upon himself to write, record, mix and master a song called “Digital Prime”. Elliott has released this track for free but has asked for donations to be made to the JustGiving page for Dayla (details listed below). Recorded in his home studio, the first thing you notice is the crystal clear quality of the sound with all instruments and programming being heard clearly and not swamping each other out. Elliott clearly has a varied vocal delivery with shouting hardcore delivery mixed with powerful, clear vocals for the chorus. Mixing the vocal style like this reminded me of latter-day Amorphis, however, Elliott likes to mix his influences up all over the song.

There is a mixture of metalcore, progressive technical metal and the melodic metal backed with programming that wouldn’t be too far off on an Enter Shikari record, so as you can see, it’s hard to pin this down to many bands. As it’s for a good cause, I urge you all to listen to the single below and see for yourself how good this is. Elliott never stops writing material and if they do not fit his main projects, he keeps them for himself and if they are of this quality, maybe he should start considering recording an EP of his own material.

Elliott had the following to say about “Digital Prime”:

I decided to release the track entirely for free and instead ask for donations to Cayla’s fight. Cayla is the daughter of a family friend and has been suffering with neuroblastoma. They are relying on donations to acquire treatment in the US and it would mean the world if the track that’s so personal to me could help raise any amount for such an important cause.

You guys know what to do…

Donation link for Cayla:

Digitial Prime: offical | facebook

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