Single Review: I Am The Law – Dance Of The Southern Witch

Venturing from the shadows of other Nashville, Tennessee musicians is metal quintet I Am The Law with double single “Dance of the Southern Witch” / “The Earth Will Eat Today”.

In their words, they are here to exact justice while swigging from a bottle of Coldcock Whiskey.

“Dance of the Southern Witch” opens with thunderous Thor like drums and it forms energy as members scream or growl their vocals alongside raw riffs that add a dollop of groove to the melting pot.

“The Earth Will Eat Today” has a great deal of a Southern sound within the groove. It really is an interesting track with hints of hardcore metal, and the Nashville storytelling introduces us to a concoction that, if done right, can work impeccably.

The chaotic nature of Brandon Howard and Tyler Quillen’s vocal battles around Nicholas Lochbihler’s bass and Chris Lochbihler’s drumming is energetic and pretty raucous. I focus more on how Chris keeps the beat together as Brian Bradsher and Brandon Howard push one and other with their guitar creations.

With the name I Am The Law I thought we’d get either an Anthrax tribute band or a Judge Dredd concept. I quite like the Judge Dredd concept idea… maybe, in the future with this blues groove metal we could have an ideal sound just as Dredd enters a tower to perform his duties as lawman.

I Am The Law: facebook | twitter | bandcamp

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