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Single Review: Marriage + Cancer – Bro

Last year’s album of the year for me was without a doubt Marriage + Cancer self-titled debut. Earth shattering noise rock, with an underbelly of sludgy ominous tonality left me aghast! So what better way to kick off the new year with a new 7″ release “Bro” via Self Sabotage Records. This monstrous record offers a b-side “Triggered”, (just like the good old days) and is out now via bandcamp or on vinyl format.

True to their form, “Bro” is as uncouth as its predecessors. Jagged, repugnant guitars imbricated by Robert Komets’ inelegant squalls and possessed drums, it’s as abrasive as they come and utterly magnificent. The track’s coarse and distorted layers of sound swell around Komet’s caterwauling, spewing his disdain lyrically at the continual differential treatment of women. A chaotic sonic storm ensues destroying everything it’s path, it’s an audacious thrilling ride.

B-side “Triggered” takes on a more ominous tone, dingy guitars lead this sludgier number. Also politically-charged lyrically: “He’s got his gun on me” touches on the trigger-fingered armed police and the song is as uneasy as the subject matter. Foreboding vocals and predatory tones are absolutely on the mark, this brutal track left me with a sense of unease, exactly what I want in a record, it pushed all of my senses and evoked real emotion which is rare to come across these days.

Marriage + Cancer are sitting firmly and well deserved amongst their noise-rock peers, developing their own sound that thrills and nauseates me in equal, electrifying measures. If this is a taste of what’s to come from this band, brace yourselves!

Marriage + Cancer facebook | instagram | bandcamp | youtube

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