Single Review: Fractions – “Soundness Of: Mind”

Five piece progressive metallers Fractions hail from Leicester and have been around since 2011. They have been growing a steady following recently with the backing of Enso Music Management. 2019 should be a good year for them, and they start it off with a bang releasing a single entitled “Mind”.

It contains a mixture of all things progressive, metalcore and metal. Vocalist, Chris Hare, describes the lyrics and concept of the song as follows:

“Soundness Of: Mind” delves into paranoia, that ever-present nagging feeling that everyone is scheming behind your back, the feeling that your life is almost like a play, nothing is real and everyone is fake. The feeling that even those you hold close are secretly laughing at you. But it’s all in your head, and you need to realise this in order to change.

What is first apparent is the excellent sound with its crystal clear production where every instrument can be heard perfectly. Stunning clear vocals from Chris Hare greet the opening chapter to the song with highs and low and even a double take had to be done when I heard the brief growls. All members of the band also show that they are seasoned professionals with their equipment, flipping from the melodic to the heavy in the blink of an eye. This is a song where the music does all the talking and the listener can only nod in approval of the class musicianship on show here. Nice catchy riffs reminiscent of a softer In Flames at times and elements of Devin Townsend should give you an idea of how this sounds.

After appearing as main support slot for one of their idols Tesseract, and playing at festivals such as Badgerfest and Tech-Fest, only good things can happen for this band in 2019. If they release a batch of songs like “Soundness Of: Mind”, then 2019 will be the year that makes Fractions.

Mind will be released on January 29th.

Fractions: facebook | twitter | instagram | bandcamp

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January 11, 2020 6:38 PM

[…] particular, progressive band Fractions got the year off to a good start with their excellent single “Soundness of Mind”, Flowers in Sulphur with their early Pitchshifter industrial “Utopia Denied” or Left […]