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Single Review: Darkness Divine – Digression

We’re not usually one for reviewing singles at Moshville Times but when a band as good as Darkness Divine asks, who are we to decline? The metal quintet recently made great headway at our local Metal 2 the Masses but were pipped with the final just out of their grasp. Having seen them play a couple of times, I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t end up at Bloodstock in the next couple of years.

There’s something special about this band and its captured excellently on “Digression”. With thrashing guitars married with massive grooves and drums to match, it’s everything which makes Darkness Divine condensed into one track. With dark (no pun intended) lyrics to accompany the track, there’s ferocity backing them with Toni Benedetti-Martin’s delivery.

Elsewhere, there’s a mighty guitar solo with hints of NWOBHM thrown in for good measure. Whilst it may seem there’s a lot going on within one track, it’s all deftly balanced. The guitars from Dave Fulton and Graeme McShane interweave one another expertly. Nothing is fighting for attention and each part individually grabs you at their own moment. That being said, John Martin’s drums make a concerted effort to pin you to the wall and focus only on the pounding rhythm, locking in well with Gary McNeill’s rumbling bass groove.

As a hint of what’s to come from Darkness Divine, it’s proof that their studio efforts match their live performances: they’re not messing about. Despite the number of styles and influences swirling in one song, it works perfectly to create a sound of their own – paying homage to old sounds but keeping things modern.

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