Devil’s Playground release first single – “Unlost”

Hot on the heels of winning their Metal To The Masses tournament in Coventry, Birmingham sextet Devil’s Playground will be playing Bloodstock for the first time in a week from now. The band have unleashed a brand new single called “Unlost” to the masses in time for the event of their lives. It’s fair to say that this is a tune and mixes hardcore vocals, a lá Five Finger Death Punch and Hatebreed, with clear female vocals quite beautifully.

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Having more or less a stable line up for the last couple of years, this has enabled Devil’s Playground to garner a fan base within the Midlands area and beyond. With the release of this single and video, only good things can happen to the band and I would urge those in attendance at Bloodstock to give them a listen. This is what they had to say about making the video…

“Unlost” is a song about someone who is fighting inner demons and trying essentially to find them. The video was a bit of a different idea. The band are all locked up in different rooms and is there for this girl’s entertainment. The video was a lot of fun and actually quite quick. The part we remember most was all being in different rooms to get the night vision shots with the PA speak was by our drummer down the end of a corridor. So all we heard was the faint sound of Bez smashing the drums and we just had clicking from our strings. That was a little difficult to get into and Dan, the director, just kept shouting ‘again’. He wanted us to feel drained and pissed off and I think he accomplished that by locking us in until we got it right.

I like the single as it’s full of stomping riffs and plenty of opportunities for you to bang your head in unison as well as get on the floor and… erm… dance! Devil’s Playground are releasing a self titled album in October of this year and if every song is as good as this one, then they are surely a band to watch.

The single actually went on release on 13th July, on Spotify, iTunes and all the usual digital retailers and I urge you to watch the video and buy or stream the single. Like their Facebook page and chat to the band… they are really nice Brummies!

Catch Devil’s Playground on the Hobgoblin New Blood stage at Bloodstock on Friday 11th August.

Devil’s Playground: official | facebook | twitter | youtube

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