Single Review: Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow – Land of Hope and Glory

Today we are looking at what can only be described as the heart and soul of one man. We see world-renowned guitarist, songwriter and all round musician Ritchie Blackmore giving life to a song that will hopefully bring strength to the City of Manchester after recent events.

Bringing together a collection of emotions and pride we see the band take a very strong and very memorable stance on this iconic song. They bring it to life in such a way that it melds together the use of both electric and acoustic guitars. We see the musical talents of Ritchie Blackmore in new light as he creates a new arrangement of this well-known track.

“Land of Hope and Glory” is truly something that hits the heart strings and as you hear each and every line you get this sense that there is a more emotional but very strong spirit taking lead and within this very track we are given just what we need – an uplifting but familiar song that helps us to remember where our strength lies.

Ritchie Blackmore has not only revived Rainbow but in many ways has revived the spirits and strength of a nation with this song, and as such it brings together the very definition of what rock music is all about: standing together as one, always strong, always loved, always a United Kingdom.

The track is available via Amazon, iTunes and on Spotify.

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