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Review: Blueprint Blue – You and Me (single)

Blueprint Blue

The single “You and Me” was originally recorded in 1970 by Penny and the Quarters. Later in 2010 a movie, Blue Valentine featuring Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling, brought this track to prominence. Gosling loved what he heard, and wanted it within the film. There’s an incredible story behind “You and Me” which is one of those forgotten beauties. Florence and the Machine’s manager, Mairead Nash, loved the track so much she wanted it played at her wedding, and knew the band to perform it.

That band Mairead had in mind for the wedding and track was Blueprint Blue, a band whose love of Grateful Dead, Neil Young and Jackson Browne brought them together. Mairead asked them to perform it, which they did and released the track via Luv Luv Luv records.

Blueprint Blue are ex-SCUM members Huw Webb (bass) and Melissa Rigby (drums), joined by Elliot Hayward on vocals and guitar. These guys formed in 2013.

Let’s get on to “You and Me”.

Melissa Rigby’s tender vocals together with the smooth guitar play of Elliott Hayward reminds me of Zooey Deschanel’s She and Him incarnation. Blueprint Blue’s steady beat flows with a chilled sense. An ability to make the noise around you dissipate. This is a sound that’s perfect for roaming the market of London Fields, it’s a track that if heard live would relax anyone who suffers with anger issues. The sensitivity of the vocals, the music… it’s obvious to understand why Mairead wanted it played at her wedding and why Ryan Gosling asked for the track to be played on the Blue Valentine soundtrack.

Go see these guys. They play London’s Lexington on March 9th with support from DJs Rhys Webb (The Horrors) and Bahamian Moor, where they’ll be launching their EP Flying Machine.

Blueprint Blue: facebook | twitter | soundcloud

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