Gig Review: Creeper / Save Face / The Nightmares – Clyde Rooms, Glasgow (6th November 2023)

Tonight’s gig is inside Ibrox Stadium, home of Rangers football club. Hundreds of goths are queuing for tonight’s headliners whilst a K-Pop superstar is greeting screaming fans just around the corner. It’s a surreal experience and a paragraph I never thought I would be writing!

The Clyde Rooms  is a newly built, 700 capacity venue which will surely become a staple for future gigs in Glasgow. In a time where venues are closing down, this can only be a good thing for the local music scene.

The Nightmares (c) Andy Dee

A healthy sized crowd filled the dance floor as South Wales’ The Nightmares take to the stage with the ever difficult task of warming up the crowd ahead of tonights headliners. The band play under solid red light which perfectly reflects their My Bloody Valentine esq sound which has the crowd nodding and swaying. Frontman Adam Parslow makes every attempt to connect with the crowd between songs, clearly appreciative of the support from those that have turned up early to watch them. He said the band will be back next spring for their first headline tour which will certainly include a Glasgow date. Keep an eye out for these guys.

Next up, all the way from New Jersey, Save Face literally bounce onto the stage with their energetic mix of pop punk and emo. They band don’t stop for a second, giving a strong performance and clearly have a lot of fans in the audience who sing back every word only adding to the energy in the room. The connection between band and audience is something some bands could only dream of, and as the band close up with ‘Another Kill For The Highlight Reel’ there is a sea of sweaty smiles in the venue.

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Before tonights headliners hit the stage there are theatrical messages read from the PA alerting the crowd to ‘leave before it’s too late’. This is followed by band member Darcia taking to the stage in front of a white curtain again warning the crowd again to leave. No one does of course and before we know it, all hell breaks loose as the curtain drops and Creeper start to tear Glasgow to pieces.

Save Face (c) Andy Dee

Opener Further Than Forever is an epic 9 minute adventure of a song and it’s simply breathtaking. It’s like a modern, punk rock version of Bat out of Hell. Yes, it really is that good. The musicianship is incredible and frontman Will Ghould has a jaw-dropping vocal range, never missing a note whilst running round the stage and encouraging the crowd at every opportunity.

Incredibly, tonights opening track and other new songs are received like old faves despite the bands new album ‘Sanguivore’ being out for less than a month. Every word is sang back to the band by the capacity crowd. What an achievement.

The energy doesn’t let up for a second as the band smash through a mixture of new songs and old favourites such as ‘Black Rain’ and the rarely played ‘VCR’ which both receive mass hysteria from the adoring fans.The tempo is brought down briefly as Ghould performs a beautiful rendition of  ‘I Choose to Live’ bringing some fans to tears.

The rest of the band come back onstage and get straight back to business, smashing through ‘Hiding with Boys’ and ‘Misery’ before closing up with  ‘Cry to Heaven’, which quite possibly has the catchiest chorus ever written. To end your set with a new track stands testament to how much the band believe in these songs. The packed out room agrees and the band exit the stage and you’re left thinking “does it ever get any better than this?”. Truly incredible.

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Pics by Beyond Punk Photography

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