Gig Review: Paradise Lost / Moonspell – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham (14th Feb 2022)

Honestly, this date felt like it has been on my calendar for a long time, but we are still in uncertain times so I really only allowed myself to get really excited literally the day before. I should clarify that Paradise Lost are a Desert Island Discs type band for me. Short version: I really bloody love them! How much? I dragged myself out a cold and wet Monday night. Yes, it was Valentine’s Day and, yes, my wife spent the first one since we’ve been together on her own with Maltesers and Grey’s Anatomy. Although I think she was glad as I may have been talking about this particular gig for some time.

As well as Moonspell, Birmingham’s Alunah were also added to some of the dates, but unfortunately not this one. A shame as they have a new album out soon called Strange Machine, and I was hoping to hear some of that. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them live in the past and even interviewing them, but that will have to wait for another time.

One band I’ve never actually seen live before this gig was Moonspell. Their hour-long set was most certainly enjoyed not just by their own fans in attendance but, judging by the atmosphere, everyone in the Rescue. After 30 years they know how to command an audience and they really dug into the archives for some of their set, but personal favourites for me were the three tracks they played from the Irreligious album.

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Two years on from the release of Obsidian, Paradise Lost finally get their album release tour in front of an audience. As much as I enjoyed Live at the Mill it’s not the same. Right from the very start the band were in high spirits and you could feel it was going to one to remember. Yes the sound was a bit rough and ready, but it’s always been a little like that at this venue.

The band played five tracks from the newest album, some of which were in the encore, and overall the set was really balanced. Included was “One Second”, which vocalist Nick Holmes described as a “Bon Jovi ballad, just less successful” and “So Much Is Lost” from the controversial (his description) Host. Even after 20 years it’s strange hearing it still referred to as such.

Obviously, I was immensely happy that one track each from both Icon and Draconian Times were featured, as they are the two albums that served as my introduction to Paradise Lost.

Even the brief distraction of a crowd surfer making it onto the stage didn’t deter Nick from enjoying the interaction with the audience. The surfer was even treated to a little hug from the band’s sound technician and the show went on. At one point Nick even referenced his poor choice of stage attire, a really thick cotton jumper.

Sprinkled in the set there were even songs from Gothic, Shades of God, and In Requiem. Even with 16 studio albums to pick from, the set had something for everyone.

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  • Widow
  • Forsaken
  • Blood and Chaos
  • Faith Divides Us – Death Unites Us
  • Eternal
  • One Second
  • Serenity
  • The Enemy
  • As I Die
  • The Devil Embraced
  • The Last Time
  • No Hope in Sight
  • Say Just Words


  • Darker Thoughts
  • So Much Is Lost
  • Beneath Broken Earth
  • Ghosts

An atmosphere of true belief that love was most definitely in the air. The tour concludes in September.

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