Livestream Review: Within Temptation – ‘The Aftermath, A Show In Virtual Reality’

Within Temptation take flight with their rescheduled virtual reality show. For a new concept such as this, there are bound to be a few teething problems, as Sharon den Adel shared:

You all know we are absolute heroes in rescheduling dates and now we’ve reached a new milestone: our shortest postponement in our career so far! We’re working very hard on our VR-event, but as it’s something we’ve never done before – and definitely something you have never seen before, we sometimes experience a few hiccups in the process that are completely new to us and the crew.

The start of the performance leaves you in no doubt of the virtual reality element, featuring an ominous tale of greed and devastation before revealing the initial staging. This positioned the band members separately and showing others through video screens and, even though it was one of my all-time favourite tracks, I did struggle to get on board with it no matter how grandiose.

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Fortunately, after this, the band were all on one stage so I could start to relax a bit and enjoy this virtual experience and the cinematography. Three tracks in and the night has been made for me as ex-Nightwish vocalist Tarja Turunen appears for “Paradise (What About Us?)”.

The performance continues with a fair few outfit changes that enhance the visual side. Further guest appearances popped up – Annisokay for “Shed My Skin” and Jasper Steverlinck for “Firelight”.

An interlude of sorts continues the story from the start, then we saw the set take a more futuristic look. This new section opened with “The Reckoning” which unfortunately didn’t feature Papa Roach’s Jacoby Shaddix in any capacity which was a real shame, but the set did finish off strongly with “Supernova” and “Stairway to the Skies”.

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Now there may not have been classics such as “Aquarius” and “Angels” but within this unique setting, with its audio-visual spectacle, I don’t feel they would have fitted in. I felt that the band chose the set very wisely to reflect the event.


  • Forsaken
  • Our Solemn Hour
  • Paradise (What About Us?)
  • The Purge
  • Entertain You
  • Raise Your Banner
  • And We Run
  • Shed My Skin
  • Firelight
  • The Reckoning
  • Supernova
  • Stairway to the Skies

A new approach from the symphonic metal masters.

Within Temptation: official | facebook | twitterinstagram | spotify | youtube

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