Gig Report: Bloodstock Festival Metal 2 the Masses – Kent (10th July 2021)

Metal to the masses Kent is back at one of Kent’s best metal venues, Leo’s Red Lion in Gravesend, thanks to one of Kent’s most prolific promoters, Stuart Jessop, with a one-off show after a four-year-long hiatus.

This time six bands had the chance to compete to play on the New Blood stage at this year’s Bloodstock Festival. The competing bands were Jukebox Monkey, Spyder Byte, Enquire Within, Prolapse A.D, Atravion, and Struck/Down.

All six put on terrific performances that generated an energetic response from the crowd which created a fun atmosphere that any like-minded metalhead would enjoy. While the panel of judges was deliberating, the stage was graced by a performance from a non-competing band, Karybdis, who did not disappoint.

The winning band, who will be playing at Bloodstock Festival 2021 was Struck/Down. Congratulations to them and we’ll see them in August!

After the winning band was announced the two more non-competing bands, Detoxen and Wretched Soul, took to the stage to end what had been an amazing gig.

Photos by Kraken Photography

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