Livestream Review: Ash – 1977 25th Anniversary A Global Transmission

To celebrate 25 years of their platinum selling UK #1 debut album 1977, Northern Irish rock trio Ash performed the album in full during a very special online show on 5th June, which I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to view.

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1996 seems like a long time ago. I was only 12 years old but I still clearly remember going to a house party and someone playing this album and being instantly drawn to it. Ash were one of the bands that first got me into rock music, so hearing the band play those songs brought the memories right back. I now mostly listen to various shades of metal, but hearing these songs again was like meeting up with an old friend, and it was a lovely experience.

I had forgotten how many of the band’s hit singles were on 1977, including “Kung Fu”, Angel Interceptor”, “Oh Yeah” and of course (perhaps their most well-known hit) “Girl From Mars”. It was certainly an album that catapulted them into popularity.

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The livestream was very well executed – good sound and lighting and a variety camera angles. Those might seem like strange things to comment on, but I have watched a few livestreams over the past year or so and some have not been as well thought-out as this.

For Record Store Day 2021 (June 12th) Ash are releasing an exclusive vinyl BBC Sessions 1994-1999 limited to 1000 copies on bright pink vinyl.  Find a participating record store here.

Header photo © Julian Barton

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