Gig Review: Bowling For Soup live stream – soundcheck / acoustic set (Nov 6th 2020)

After postponing their live stream due to someone in the crew developing lurgy-symptoms, the BFS Boys rescheduled for November 7th with an acoustic “soundcheck” set giving fans a chance to warm up the vocal cords and sing along an evening early. We gratefully snaffled up a review pass and I settled down with a very British cup of tea (hey, it was 10pm) and awaited my first chance to see Bowling For Soup in far too long.

The chat window to the side started to fill up with friendly banter from 9:30 as fans from all over the world caught up with each other and shot the shit like long lost friends as the band (presumably) strung guitars and gargled salt water, or whatever it is that punk rock megastars do to warm up. I nibbled a Digestive.

Dot on 10pm, nothing happened because it’s a live show so of course the curtain was a couple of minutes late! After some usual off-the cuff waffle, the band opened with “Trucker Hat” as soundcheck began. And, hey, the sound wasn’t bad. The camera operators got a chance to warm up as well, but for a first live song in ages it wasn’t half bad. Rob’s backing vocals were a little muted, but that’s what soundcheck’s for, isn’t it? Nice to see some shots of the crew as well.

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“Hey Diane” was up next and the sound was definitely that bit better than it had been for the opener. A quick check on the chat comforted me in the knowledge that I was not the only one enjoying a cuppa while watching the show. Sweet. Chris’ cute dog made a guest appearance during the between-song natter, and the first sex joke was cracked 15 minutes in. That’s actually pretty slow for BFS…

It led into “Catalyst”, a track that surprised many in the chat box. Perhaps not surprising as, after a quick double check on confirmed, they haven’t played this song live before. Still, they nailed it and Jaret’s vocals were totally on point especially the stronger parts towards the end. The “plugged” soundcheck wrapped with “Alexa Bliss” by which time the band really didn’t sound like they’d been away at all. Absolutely brilliant!

With Erik no longer with the band, new bassist boy Rob joined Jaret for the acoustic show which kind of made sense and also showcased how well the young fella has filled a very capable pair of boots. There’s no replacing Erik, and Rob has his own sense of humour but he held his own against Jaret which is high praise indeed. “Smoothie King” was the first track they embarked on and Rob’s harmonies were spot on – and, indeed, commented on positively in the chat.

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“Star Song” followed, and what a rendition. A great song and performed brilliantly – again, the sound and the performers were improving with each number. A couple of personal favourites rounded the short set up: “Belgium” and “Turbulence”. The latter gave me goosebumps, especially poignant given the current situation.

With that, the acoustic twosome closed proceedings for the evening leaving all those watching buzzing for tomorrow’s “proper” show. It kicks off at 8pm (UK) and tickets are still available at Veeps!

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November 7, 2020 9:26 PM

[…] Gig Review: Bowling For Soup live stream – soundcheck / acoustic set (Nov 6th 2020) […]