Gig Review: Ice Nine Kills – The Silver Stream

Last night (October 30th), Ice Nine Kills ran a live video stream focused on their Silver Scream album and in support of the release of their live CD I Heard They Kill Live. The 100-minute show consisted of pre-recorded video, interviews, and live footage all wrapped up like a short film. Something a little different from the usual live streamed gigs, and perfectly in keeping with INK’s take on the horror genre. Host Bill Moseley (House of 1000 Corpses and more) kept things linked together by chatting to the band so they could introduce each item with some background trivia and continue the ongoing gory story.

Having seen the band live, and also having reviewed the focal point album, I knew what to expect musically and visually… and tonight’s stream really gave the album the one thing it was missing, and couldn’t provide: the rich visuals of the band’s live show. My main quibble with the album was the fact that you couldn’t really hear the crowd enough on it, but being able to see them all kicking off to the likes of “Thank God It’s Friday” made up for this. Even more so the online fans singing along live on the “Psycho Cam” in the corner of the screen. Some had really put effort into their Halloween costumes for the occasion!

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My only real complaint with the stream was down to the audio being a bit tinny / badly compressed though this could be down to my broadband being crap. Others may have had better quality. I cheated by muting the live show segments and shoving the album on instead – the two matched up perfectly with a little bit of tweaking!

The between-song chatter was a little stilted/rehearsed, but those of you who’ve seen the band’s videos will be as forgiving as I am. They’re not out to be Oscar winners! And the idea of tying the songs together with a low budget horror story was a master stroke. Also, turning the tables a little on the host so that we got to find out more about him really added to things. I mean, sure he’s meant to be running things but he’s Bill Moseley – of course we want to know what he’s up to!

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I confess that as the years have gone by, I’ve got less and less excited about seeing live shows. I don’t go to that many any more (current situation notwithstanding), but watching and listening to the stream has honestly got me chomping at the bit to see Ice Nine Kills again. They’re one of those bands that bring kick ass music and ice(!) the cake with a great tongue in cheek performance. They’ve absolutely nailed the mix of harmonies and heavy sections, horror and humour and last night’s stream had them all in abundance.

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