Live Stream Review: Stone Broken (27th March 2020)

These are uncertain times for everyone, my original plans for Friday 27th March were to complete my last days in the job I’ve had for the past three years, going out for leaving drinks with friends and then have a relatively early night before flying off to Fuerteventura for a week on the Saturday morning. Then Coronavirus happened. The members of Stone Broken have also had their plans ruined by the epidemic. Tonight they were meant to be headlining Planet Rock’s ‘Rock The Boat’ festival onboard a ferry somewhere in the North Sea and spending the rest of the weekend celebrating drummer Robyn Haycock’s birthday.

Instead we all find ourselves social distancing at home by order of the now-infected Prime Minister. Luckily for the Broken army, lead vocalist Rich Moss and drummer Robyn Haycock live together so were able to put together a special performance from the comfort of their living room on the live streaming service, Twitch.

With a simple acoustic setup, a couple of microphones and the band’s banner in the background, Moss and Haycock explained that they were going to play a few songs, including a never-before-played track off the band’s upcoming third album and then be joined virtually by the rest of the band for a Q&A session.

In a short set the duo played “The Only Thing I Need” and “Anyone” from previous albums, both with fitting lyrics considering the times we are currently living in, emphasising the power of love and friendship. Sandwiched between these two fan favourites was the new track which at the moment is called “Stronger”, however Moss did point out that this is subject to change. The beauty of an online gig is that you know exactly what viewers are thinking from the comments. There were plenty of positive messages from fans about “Stronger” with several saying, “I already love it”.

After a quick break to “Press a few buttons”, Moss and Haycock were joined onscreen by bass player Kieron Conroy and guitarist Chris Davis to answer any questions the audience had to ask.

There were the obvious questions about around when then new album is due out and if the band will be touring the UK again when they are able, but the more interesting questions were ones which helped you get to know the band a little more or getting them to introduce their pets on camera.

The funniest moment of the Q&A session included one fan asking, “What jobs did you want as kids?”. Conroy presumably trying to respond saying he wanted to be a bus driver stumbled over his words saying “I wanted to be a bus” to which the rest of the band and fans watching continued to wind him up about for the rest of the live stream.

One of the final questions of the evening was “What would your dream tour be?” There were suggestions from each band member of bands they would like to tour with which included the likes of Alter Bridge, Pop Evil, Skillet, Bad Wolves, Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace. Personally, I think this sounds like a great line-up for a mini festival once we are all allowed out of the house again.

The band closed the hour-long stream with the promise to do more of these online sessions and the reminder to “Stay safe and to keep washing your hands”.

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