Gig Review: Swallow The Sun / Oceans of Slumber / Aeonian Sorrow – The Underworld (6th May 2019)

Swallow The Sun recently released their new album When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light to some pretty impressive reviews from both fans and the media alike. To celebrate the release, the band toured the US with Children of Bodom and Wolfheart, and began a tour through Europe with label mates Oceans of Slumber and doom metallers Aeonian Sorrow. Tonight’s performance at The Underworld sees a sea of the band’s t-shirts amongst a range of other genre fitting ones. The atmosphere in the slowly filling venue is one of anticipation and happy contentment that tonight is going to be a good night.

Aeonian Sorrow (c) Bukavac Photography

Kicking off the evening proceedings, Aeonian Sorrow seemed determined to leave their mark on the crowd that evening. Featuring an intriguing mix of harsh vocals and clean female vocals over melodic doom metal backing from the band, the sextet began winning over the slowly growing crowd with new people nodding along or headbanging every minute. With a very heavy piano driven sound in parts, the guys (and girl) delivered a rather enjoyable set with songs taken from their most recent album Into the Eternity a Moment We Are.

Next up on stage were Texan metallers Oceans of Slumber and quite a few people in the audience seemed suitably excited to see them. Having witnessed their performance with Ne Obliviscaris a few years prior in Glasgow, I was intrigued to see what the band had been doing since that night and what their new members would bring. Whilst the band gave a very good performance and members of the audience highly enjoyed them, like last time they were not really for me.

Swallow The Sun (c) Bukavac Photography

Ending the evening’s proceedings, Swallow The Sun then took the stage to a huge cheer from the now incredibly busy venue. Opening with the title track off their most recent album, the crowd sprang into life with heads banging and folk singing along in parts. Mixing black metal style sections and slower doom influenced sections, the band in some ways created a spell which had the vast majority of the crowd eating out of their hand.

Choosing not to interact much and letting the music take centre stage, the band moved through a set comprised of songs from all across their back catalogue. Ending the show with “Swallow (Horror Pt.1)” from Plague of Butterflies, the sextet delivered a highly enjoyable set with one fan commenting:

They are always amazing, but that was better than I’ve ever seen.

If that’s not praise, then I’m not sure what is.

All photos by Bukavac Photography.

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