Gig Review: Metal 2 the Masses Heat 1 – The Sanctuary Rock Bar, Burnley (5th April 2019)

It’s finally here. After weeks of messaging bands, designing posters, arranging times, dates and judges it’s all come to fruition. Tonight, four bands kick off the Burnley heats of Metal 2 the Masses, with one lucky band going through to play at Bloodstock Open Air 2019 alongside such greats as Parkway Drive, Sabaton and the Scorpions.

Another Dead Hero (c) Drew Scott

Starting the ball rolling and first band of the Burnley stages of M2tM is Another Dead Hero, an alt metal band from Burnley recently reformed with new vocalist Olivia Jayne Turner. With her melodic, floating vocals she easily took over the reins. Dan Crawshaw and Josh Beckwith on guitar providing fast harmonic laden riffs, Gaz Conner on drums never misses a beat while Craig Robertson struts round the stage providing a thundering bass line. An awesome start to the first heat.

  • Habits
  • Greed
  • Never Enough
  • DB29
  • I Don’t Care
  • Politics
  • Fever
  • Bingeo
Bloodmores (c) Drew Scott

Next up a thrash band from Preston, singer/guitarist Alex Cunliffe announces to the crowd, “We are Bloodmores and we are here to play thrash, and to play it hard” and that’s just what they did, in a whirlwind of hair they thundered through the set. Chris Mansell on drums is a speed demon breaking his beater within the first 2 songs, a spare was quickly found and he hammered on. Richard Jodrell on guitar and Connor Heelis on bass complete this insanely fast and tight group, with the crowd loving it and providing them with the only mosh pits of the night.

  • Metamorphosis
  • As Mercy Renders You Senseless
  • A Monument to Illusions
  • The Gauntlet and The Guillotine
  • Blind to The Fore
Scruffy Bear (c) Drew Scott

A band from Manchester next, Scruffy Bear, an early era rock and blues style band, pumping out a mix of psychedelic haze reminiscent of Zeppelin and Hendrix. Georgina Eaton’s clean, yet gritty voice compliments, Jack Wild’s adventurous lead guitar and Sass Lafferty’s bass that likes to be down front getting dirty. Ryan Hunt keeps the beat going as the band slow things down a touch from previous offerings.

  • Sundance
  • Keep on Rolling
  • Moonpool
  • Gold Brick
  • Foxy Lady
  • Water
Fate of the Fallen (c) Drew Scott

The final band of tonight’s Metal 2 the Masses is another local Burnley band Fate of the Fallen, a relatively new band of seasoned musicians they speed things back up pumping out their own style of melodic hardcore/metalcore. Barry Carr leans out over the headbanging crowd as his vocals go from gritty screeching to melodic lyrics with Ashley Thompson and Ian Greenwood thrashing the guitars. Brandon Wright on bass and Adam Southcott drumming keeping the pace going,

  • Purify
  • The War Within
  • Burning Bridges
  • The Rush
  • Judge, Jury and Executioner
  • Call to arms

Once the crowds vote and judge’s decision has been made our compere for the night, Bobbi Davies, climbs up to the mic. Congratulations to Bloodmores and Fate of the Fallen who progress through to the semi-finals in May. All four bands put on great sets and dealt with a couple of technical hitches quickly with great audience interaction. My band of the night had to be Bloodmores, they rip your face off with tight, fast and hard thrash metal.

Photos by Drew Scott Photographic

Another Dead Hero: official | facebook | instagram

Bloodmores: facebook

Scruffy Bear: official | facebook | instagram

Fate of the Fallen: facebook | instagram

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