Gig Review: Doro – Rebellion, Manchester (12th March, 2019)

Doro (Dorothee Pesch, formerly of Warlock) and her cohorts are a stadium sized band, playing small sized venue’s and have more than enough presence to fill the room and beyond. Upon entering Rebellion in Manchester the excitement is unmissable, with fans ranging from older men to younger girls, and this was definitely not a show to miss.

(c) Charlotte Martin

Admittedly, prior to this show I had not encountered Doro before, but I can definitely be counted as a fan after seeing her perform. With songs ranging from theatrical Rob Zombie rock with thumping beats to melodic metal accompanied by complex melodies they are one of the most flexible bands I have witnessed in a long time and before long I found myself drawn in with the chants of ‘hey, hey, hey’ and hardcore fist pumping.

Fronted by the incredible Doro, you can tell she has been on stage a long time and lives for moments like this. Her enthusiasm is impossible not to get wrapped up in, alongside that of the crowd who know every song word for word and who were happy to dance and move along with her too. They went absolutely berserk for “Night of the Warlock” featuring their own evil warlock who took to the stage to do battle with Doro only to be defeated by the power of metal!

All in all Doro put on an incredible show and this is definitely not one to be missed next time show comes to a town near you. Just don’t forget your studs and leather as this is one old school metal show!

Pictures by Charlotte Martin Photography

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