Gig Review: AllUsInLove / Shredd / Black King Cobra – Broadcast, Glasgow (4th February 2019)

Broadcast is well known within the Glasgow music scene for hosting upcoming local bands/artists. Making it seemingly refreshing when Yorkshire band AllUsInLove took over the venue for one night only in February. Glasgow was their fourth date on the tour, but that didn’t stop the electric anticipation from buzzing throughout the venue as many patiently waited for the doors to finally open.

Soon enough the bar, which was once scarce of people, was now heaving, full of eager fans of both the lineup or discovering new music within the scene. Everyone was laid back, chatting away to fellow gig enthusiasts whilst having a drink or two with occasional band members weaving their way through the crowd either to the bar or to the merch stand. It was an informal atmosphere, making the night that bit more community bound, merging music scenes across the UK.

The lights focus back to the stage as local band, Black King Cobra take their places on the intimate stage. It wasn’t long till they had the audience tapping their toes and bobbing their head along to a genre they describe as “rock music with groove”. By this point, I was curious by what else they had in-store. Just as it hit half way through their set they had nearly the whole room engaged, myself included.

Black King Cobra have definitely caught my attention [And they’ve been on our collective radar for a couple of years now – Ross], bringing a unique sound to the local scene and diving right into the heart of the scene in the most brilliant way! Not only did they bring a new sound, but insane amounts of energy for a Monday night. Keep an eye out for Black King Cobra throughout Glasgow, you don’t want to miss them!

This energy was soon revamped not long after the stage was set for the next band to takeover the sound system. Garage/fuzz Rock, a genre I had never heard of yet soon grew to love as Shredd opened the second set of the night with more out of the box sounds which absolutely blew my mind! I must confess, I do love to have a dance or two and Shredd allowed the audience to agree as many started to jump around, sway and move in any rhythmic way they could.

With new sounds comes new banter as the band would interact with the audience frequently between songs, just enough to keep us hooked on their lively performance. I was definitely near exhausted by the end of their set, yet satisfied knowing there was something in the air keeping the night alive. Shredd are a local band who are more than definitely worth your time checking out if you need a taste breaker and are also another band to make it into my daily music cycle.

The interval music played one last time as the crowd slowly made their way toward the stage awaiting the arrival of the icing on top of this fantastic lineup, AllUsInLove. One by one, each member took the stage as the room filled with shouting and applause, before grabbing each instrument and launching right into their first song of the night.

The audience remained infatuated with their onstage charm and charisma, alongside their insane solos and catchy songs, making them a personal favourite of many. Taking the rock genre and reinventing it to be their own, AllUsInLove remain humble to their roots both within songwriting and performing whilst being keen to interact with their audience. Their stage presence was absolutely phenomenal as they used every inch of the tiny stage they could, owning the intimate venue by getting up close and personal with the audience. They maintained insane amounts of energy onstage throughout the whole show, making the ending seem like time flew.

The show overall carried an electric energy within both the lineup and the audience, making it more than memorable! Each band are unique in their own ways and are worth taking time out of your usual playlists to try something new, bringing more diverse and unique properties to the Glasgow music scene.

AllUsInLove: facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube

Shredd: facebook | twitter | bigcartel

Black King Cobra: facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube | bandcamp | bigcartel

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