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Gig Review: Cobolt Collision – Ukranian Club, Rochdale (16th February 2019)

Cobolt Collision are a young up and coming four-piece band from Preston in the North West of England. I have a slight bone to pick with these guys, since the gig I have been bursting into their songs at unprecedented moments in Morrison’s and whilst walking my dog. Not a pretty sight for passers-by but their tunes will catch you when you are least expecting it.

Cobolt Collision (c) Scott Moore

Currently they have one EP released with three tracks, check this out on all available digital formats. “Slowly Falling”, my personal favourite track of the three, will resonate with many I’m sure.

Tonight Cobolt Collision are playing a gig promoted by BHG Rock Machine whose aim is to bring the best unsigned bands to local venues. Rochdale lacks the dedicated music venues of its bigger city neighbours such as Manchester so has to put on gigs wherever available. Music is the winner regardless.

The band have played on more renowned stages and will do so in the future. Tonight they are playing two sets featuring their own material from their forthcoming as-yet-untitled album, plus a couple that were penned after that recording. Mixed in with these tunes are some covers for the crowd, featuring some classic rock.

Ryan and Rob on bass and drums respectively provide a solid platform for Jimi to overlay catchy riffs, with Jessie providing the melody with her provocative vocal style. The influences from established bands are there (like all bands) but they have their own style to distinguish themselves. Jessie is the most animated on stage, moving and grooving to the tunes, leading the band and coaxing the crowd into joining in. Jimi focuses on his Strat as he pulls off another ear-pleasing lead. Rob on drums smiles then grimaces throughout both sets and puts in a shift and a half. Ryan turns to Rob to get their rhythms rocking such as on “Saints and Sinners”, the EP title track, then back toward the crowd with the bass pummelling away.

The flow of their own material was broken up by the crowd-pleasing covers of AC/DC and Motorhead and it was clear to see that the band are far happier when they are back in their comfort zone of tracks that are self-penned. I have to applaud them for playing so much material that hasn’t even been released yet. A brave and forward thinking statement from the band.

Cobolt Collision’s album is currently at the mixing stage so hopefully we won’t have to wait too long before it’s released. In the meantime they have a raft of gigs in the pipeline (see their events on Facebook) of support and headline slots. If they are playing a gig near to you go and see them or listen to their music – your time will not be wasted.

Photos by Scott Moore Photography

Cobolt Collision: facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube | soundcloud

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