Report: M2tM London 2019 – Heat Eight (20th January 2019)

Her Despair (c) Shotison Media

Last Sunday’s Metal 2 The Masses London competition at The Big Red featured just three bands (as opposed to the usual four) battling it out for the chance to play Bloodstock Festival next summer. This week’s competing bands were: Her Despair (rock / alternative), M.I.N.D (progressive) and White Coast Rebels (hair metal).

After all three bands had played and the judges had deliberated, it was announced that all three competing bands would make it through to the next round of the competition. Congratulations to Her Despair, M.I.N.D and White Coast Rebels!

Next week M2TM London is back at The Big Red as four more bands battle for the chance to play Bloodstock festival 2019. Get all the details here.

Photos by Shotison Media

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