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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Gig Review: Avatar – The Garage, Glasgow (16th January 2019)

From the get go, Avatar are always high energy and interacting with their crowd. With a giant throne on stage for the king to take his rightful place, Avatar kicked things off with a bang, opening with “A Statue Of The King”; fast, hard-hitting guitar shredding to get everyone pumped up and it worked a treat. It was easy to tell that the night was sold out with the atmosphere inside the Garage. I personally feel like they belong in much larger venues for the level of crowds they pull in.

Between songs, they unveiled the King’s throne and passed him his crown. When he sat upon it, the awestruck crowd went crazy. As soon as his guitar was plugged in, he started shredding and pyrotechnics flew from behind him while he commenced intense riffage straight into their next song, “Legend Of The King”. Keeping up with the immense guitar work upon the throne was a sight to behold.

Next song on the list was a big change in tempo with “Paint Me Red”, an absolutely beautiful song that anyone can sing along to and my God did the crowd sing along. The volume of the crowd was unmatched by anything I’ve witnessed before, it was just absolutely immense, there are no words to describe it.

Now a general summation: I will 100% continue to see Avatar every time they come over no matter what, they know how to entertain a crowd and they do it amazingly. From start to finish, 100% energy, 100% enthusiasm and 100% kick-ass metal. Do yourself a favour go see them next time they visit near you!


  • A Statue of the king
  • Legend of the King
  • Paint Me Red
  • King’s Harvest
  • Bloody Angel
  • For the Swarm
  • Get in Line
  • Tsar Bomba
  • Tower
  • The Eagle Has Landed
  • Let it Burn
  • King After king
  • Reload
  • Smells Like a Freakshow
  • Torn Apart
  • The King Welcomes You to Avatar Country
  • Hail the Apocalypse

Header image by Johan Carlén

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