Gig Review: Bloodyard / Scott Beveridge Project – Sanctuary, Burnley (1st December 2018)

I’m happy to see a fair amount of people here at the Sanctuary tonight to watch Bloodyard who have played here previously and had been well received, but first opening for them is the Scott Beveridge Project. This isn’t a ‘band’ as such, it’s a project brought to life by Scott Beveridge who previously played in a Metallica tribute band amongst others over the years but is now trying to bring his own original music to the stage. With the help of musician friends from other bands he has been playing live shows and has just released a debut single “My sweet Pain”.

Scott Beveridge Project (c) Drew Scott

Scott opens with “Feels Like Hell” a fast guitar led head banger, this is classic metal at its best right here. They slide effortless into the next song “25 years Bitter” and it’s difficult to believe they aren’t a full time band. Scott introduces his next song which is his newly released single “My Sweet Pain” and it’s a cracker, Scott sharing lead guitar with Luis Antonio Gutarra (Sin Circus) while Lynden Garrad (Daybreaker) keeps the bass line flawlessly hammering out. Keeping it all kicking along Tom Davenport (also Daybreaker) fills in with rolling drums and crashing cymbals.

Scott thanks his fellow musicians for all the help at this point while talking about the project to get his music heard and that he’s releasing a debut album soon. Then they launch into “Break the Hold” before finishing on “O.M.G”. and oh my god if the rest of the 50gb of original music he says he has sat waiting to play is anything like this then I’ll be wanting to get my hands on his debut album when it drops.

Bloodyard (c) Drew Scott

Next up tonight is Bloodyard a death metal band hailing from Lancaster who have been around since 2010, having played slots with bands such as Evil scarecrow, Monument and Savage Messiah. They have played at various clubs, pubs and festivals around the country including having played at the Sanctuary previously, Bloodstock Festival and Mammothfest. Releasing EPs Set to Fall in 2013 and Darker Rage in 2015 which was reviewed by the Moshville Times here.

They open with “Blood Begets Blood” a fast hard hitting opener with the banshee like vocals from Donna Hurd front and foremost, that’s a mighty voice there screaming and growling down the mic. Straight into “Darker Rage” from the second EP slightly heavier as Donna flings herself about the stage, hair covering her face while she screams with rage.

“Hello Sanctuary,” Donna shouts… “We are Bloodyard how ya doing?” Before they launch into “Mortem” quickly followed by “Orchard of Corpses” at the end Donna pauses to address the crowd, that was the title track from an upcoming album that they are currently recording due early next year. Next track is “Set to Fail” an old track from the first EP then “All Hail the Crimson King”, another I’ve not heard quickly followed by “Sacred to None” from the second EP.

After thanking Scott and everyone here tonight another angry, hard and heavy track “Choke” then followed by “Dead Relics” from the second EP. A final thanks to the crowd before launching into “Purge the Rot” to finish the night.

What a night with flawless riffs from Neil Adamson, Dave Cowley hammering out a crushing baseline and Matty Lee’s powerful drum work. They bring a crushing heavy sound that combined with Donna Hurd’s awe inspiringly powerful vocals will have you headbanging well into the night. If you’re into death metal then this is a band to check out, I think you may be pleasantly surprised with the new upcoming album if what I’ve heard here tonight is anything to go by.

Photos by Drew Scott Photographic

Bloodyard: officialtwitter | facebook

Scott Beveridge Project: officialtwitter | facebook

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Sh!t & Roses
Sh!t & Roses
December 6, 2018 2:38 PM

Scott Beveridge is awesome. It was my first time seeing him play live that night. I had previously bought his debut single, and I absolutely love it. I have listened to a few other future releases, and they won’t disappoint either. Good luck Scott, the sun shines on the Wrongtuous!!!

Reply to  Sh!t & Roses
December 6, 2018 11:39 PM

Thanks for the feedback. Always nice to hear of a support act getting some lurv!