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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Gig Review: Black Star Riders – Tivoli, Buckley (28th November 2018)

Black Star Riders performed pure awesomeness in front of a packed house for their gig at The Tivoli Venue in Buckley, North Wales.

The admiring crowd grew in anticipation of things to come during the intro tape, the excitement and atmosphere building with each second. Then, bang! The band exploded onto the stage with equal amounts of eagerness and enthusiasm to entertain with their opening song “Bloodshot” swiftly followed by “All Hell Breaks Loose”.

The crowd, suitably warmed up by support acts The Rising Souls and Myke Gray, are by now fully immersed in the gig. Next up was “Jailbreak” which had the crowd fired up even further. Frontman Ricky Warwick was in full on entertainer mode, commanding the stage from the very start, his stage presence helping captivate and engage the audience through every song. He was undoubtedly the main ingredient and driving force behind the high octane energy-filled set.

Highlights for me were “All Hell Breaks Loose” along with “Jailbreak”, but it was great to hear “Charlie I Gotta Go” and “Hey Judas” get a good airing. There was to be no encore but the Riders ploughed their way through a strong and very tight set finishing off with “Finest Hour” and, of course, there had to be a large of helping “Whiskey In The Jar” to toast the end of a great night!

Photos by Bluethumb Photography

Set List

  1. Bloodshot
  2. All Hell Breaks Loose
  3. Jailbreak
  4. Soldierstown
  5. Killer Instinct
  6. Charlie I Gotta Go
  7. Heavy Fire
  8. Testify or Say Goodbye
  9. Blindsided
  10. Before the War
  11. Hey Judas
  12. Dancing With the Wrong Girl
  13. Ticket to Rise
  14. Bound for Glory
  15. When Night Comes In
  16. Kingdom of the Lost
  17. Finest Hour
  18. Whiskey in the Jar

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