EP Review: Tomorrow is Lost – The Shadowman

If you’re even remotely engaged with the UK’s unsigned rock scene, chances are you’ve heard of a band called Tomorrow is Lost. Hell, we’ve had them on our pages a few times already in their short career. 2018 has been a busy year for the band as they’ve played in as many places as possible, putting the graft in to prove why people are talking about them so much.

Now, they’ve got something more. Now, you can listen to them at any time with their debut EP, The Shadowman. So if you already know who they are, you can listen to what they perform on stage and if you’re a newcomer, something to check out to encourage you to get down to a gig (which, if this year is anything to go by, you won’t be short of chances). Opening track “We Are the Lost” immediately tells you what the band are about with its snarling and crunching riffs and it just happens to have one hell of a hook to it. You’ll be singing the chorus in no times and nodding your head along to its meaty groove.

It’s found again on “Rapture” albeit grittier and more self-assured as if the first couple of tracks were just to make sure you were comfortable before going for the jugular. There’s a myriad of influences on the guitar work from Ryan O’Hara and Joe McDermott – the chunky side of Black Stone Cherry, alongside the more melodic sides of Halestorm and Alter Bridge.

Meanwhile, Adam Clements bass work locks in with Marc Rush’s drums tighter than assembling flat-pack furniture in frustration. They’ll ensure that if the vocals and guitars don’t capture your attention (and they will), that their rhythms will. And they manage to do that even in their more sombre moments such as “Insane”. However, it’s the title track where the band shine best.

Saving “Shadowman” for the finale, it puts the entire band through their paces with Cass King showing her full vocal range. It builds to a superb crescendo, pulling on every influence they’ve got to make sure they go out with a bang. Every band dreams of having a final track on an album or EP like this.

The Shadowman puts Tomorrow is Lost in a great position for next year. It’s well-polished by a band who click in the studio as much as they do onstage. Some bands wait longer before putting out their debut release, some do it too soon. Here, they’ve managed to do it just right by putting their extensive experience in their short but remarkable history to good use.

The Shadowman is out now

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