[email protected]c Chapter 3 – Sanctuary, Burnley (10th November 2018)

Today’s event was the third and hopefully not final instalment in charity events supporting the SOPHIE Lancaster Foundation at the Sanctuary. We assume most of you reading this will be aware of the terrible events regarding Sophie and if not please google it, visit their site and buy some merch or donate for a very worthwhile cause as this affects all of us. We are all different. So all of the bands donated their time, efforts, energy and talents to help raise funds for the foundation – props to them all. As put by Che who promoted the event, every band “smashed it”.

Ond (c) Scott Moore
Ond (c) Scott Moore


So, first up was Ond pronounced “ond” and not “O.N.D” as I stupidly had it in my head. Due to a complete mathematical mess up by myself (e.g. I looked at the clock wrong due to my dysfunctional dyscalculia), I missed a good part of their set and I can only apologise to the lads for my sheer ineptitude. Anyway, based on what I did see, which was still a good few songs, they have promise. They are a young band and are due to host an EP launch on 6th December at the Fenton in Leeds so check that out via the details from their Facebook page. I know I will be. “Save the Bees”; anyone that cares about bees is fine by me. I can’t recall the exact words but something along the lines of “Save the bees or the planet will die” and yes, I’ve probably just butchered that song. Spot on, lads, there is a bee crisis! Twin guitars of raw riffage and high octane solos will keep you entertained throughout. Check them out.


  • Brutal Skeleton Fistfight
  • Some People
  • Spooky Motherfucker
  • Wee Boy
  • Claw of Bombay
  • Save the Bees
  • Nefarious
Blame (c) Scott Moore
Blame (c) Scott Moore


Blame are the second band up and the second from Leeds, I can feel a theme coming on here. I’m thinking that the Leeds music scene must be pretty decent at the moment with the plethora of bands from there tonight. Yes, Blame were definitely decent; they have a solid groove metal that is tight as a very tight thing and well worth the effort. They have a two track EP coming out imminently on Soundcloud then other digital outlets so get yourself to one of their shows in the meantime and check them out due to the fact that they are absolutely solid.


  • My Way
  • Row!
  • Settle Down
  • Hungry for Freedom
  • Confessions of a Dead Man
Sometime The Wolf (c) Scott Moore
Sometime The Wolf (c) Scott Moore

Sometime The Wolf

First band not from Leeds and their musical style was quite different to the other bands. STW wear their hearts and influences on their sleeve and they are fantastic for both of these reasons. The atmosphere that the band creates is reminiscent of some of the best alt rock of the 90s. Their music builds patiently to an emotional intensity that will pierce your very bones. “Never Wake (In Dream)” is one such song. They sing about pain and loss and Drew’s vocal is the perfect platform for this with his haunting style. An album is due out next year and they have material available on digital platforms that is well worth investing your time. I do hope they release this on vinyl. STW are a complex band with rich guitar layers, thundering drums and bass and heart felt vocals. They are very intense live and I am definitely looking forward to catching this Preston outfit again sometime in the future.


  • Ashes
  • Higher Heaven
  • Anna
  • Dancing with her Shadow
  • Yellow Star
  • Never Wake (In Dream)
Seven Hells (c) Scott Moore
Seven Hells (c) Scott Moore

Seven Hells

Seven Hells were in complete contrast to Sometime the Wolf but just as tight and entertaining. This five piece band from the Midlands have had a fantastic year, winning Leicester’s M2TM’s and playing Bloodstock, among other accolades. It’s easy to see why as they have an intensity and energy that demands you sit up, listen and throw yourself around the room.

With siren like guitars leading us in, frontman Marc screams “This is a war. One, two, fuck you!” You are not wrong, relentless drumming, crushing riffs and pummelling bass, no one in their right mind would dare go to war with these guys. A melodic gentle guitar intro leads us into a false sense of security before vocals and unrelenting riffs kick in, it’s the behemoth tune of “Broken Bones”. Seven Hells’ set was tight throughout and totally uncompromising. They have a four track EP called Prologue and it is immense; check it out. Another favourite driving companion of mine. “We will not become your slaves” not happening in a millions years, there is no tethering these guys.


  • Resist
  • Moment of Truth
  • Overdose
  • We will Rise
  • Broken Bones
  • The Prophet
  • Reactor
  • Fallout
RedEye Revival (c) Scott Moore
RedEye Revival (c) Scott Moore

RedEye Revival

A band that clearly live life at 100 mph and their music matches this with every song hammering you into submission with each pounding thrash on the drums, crunching riff and rabble-rousing chorus. With songs about “getting baked” and whiskey self-indulgence, lyrically and literally, this band is all about living life to the max. Their music is unpretentious and “I know I’m a sweaty mosher but you can come closer” was definitely the right prompt for the Sanc faithful to get close and sweaty themselves. Head sweaty mosher Paul is a man possessed, leading the head banging from centre stage. The band’s energy and enthusiasm for the music is infectious and it would be harder to dislike them than like them. “Wasted in the Sun” could almost be an anthem for the Burnley Moshers, “Why die when I could be wasted in the sun?” Why indeed? Music available on APF records and yes they are from Leeds! Their two EPs Double Drop and Raise Hell, No regrets are still rattling around inside my head.


  • Human Pollution
  • A Break from Breaking Point
  • Elation
  • Liver shot
  • Wasted in the Sun
  • Sly Dogs
  • Summer Solstice
  • Party Food
  • Mindless Mayhem
  • Boring Bastard
Tormenta (c) Scott Moore
Tormenta (c) Scott Moore


Now this unsigned band from Leeds had been blaring out of my car quite a bit this week on my travels so I was looking forward to seeing them live. This was only the second live gig that they have played with new guttural vocalist, Origin, and he owned it, rocking out on the dancefloor with fellow Burnley metalheads, joined later by the ever spring laden DM wearing bass player (and purveyor of excellent and stupidly cheap merch), Donna and Phoenix on too many strings guitar.

Tormenta is Spanish for storm (now you know) and they whipped Burnley into a frenzy of biblical proportions which didn’t settle for their entire set. Crimson sent the fans ballistic and was a great way to close the set. A couple of technical glitches aside, through no fault of their own, they were fantastic. Great stage presence from all of the band members who clearly were loving playing and passionate about their music. Check them out live or catch their demo EP Chapter 1: The Storm is Coming. Looking forward to the release of more material.


  • Murderous
  • War Cry
  • Blackhole
  • Mouthbreathers
  • I am Loco (ill Nino cover)
  • Tattooed Scars
  • Crimson
This is Turin (c) Scott Moore
This is Turin (c) Scott Moore

This is Turin

Headlining the bill and not from Leeds! This is Turin describe themselves as blackened technical metal. No doubting that they were the biggest band on the bill and have shared stages with massive bands such as Slayer and Soulfly. Could they transfer their performances at huge festivals to the smaller stage at the Sanc? Of course they could, their sound is intense and powerful and they are consummate professionals.

Bone-crunching guitar riff after riff in unison with a pounding rhythm section and vocals to raise the dead “Wrath” grabs ahold of you by your shoulders and pulls you close demanding your attention. Make no mistake though these are fine musicians in their own right and very much deserve the term technical with rich and complex rhythms and a fierce stage presence that we were lucky to experience in Burnley up close and personal at the Sanctuary.


  • Wrath
  • The Empty
  • Absence of Faith
  • Thrones
  • When God Bleeds  

Photos by Scott Moore Photography

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